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Fomapan 200 Creative 120

FOMAPAN 200 Creative is a panchromatically sensitized, black-and-white negative film designed for taking photographs. FOMAPAN 200 characteristics are similar to most slow speed black-and-white films but has the benefit of having a slightly higher nominal film speed which makes the film more flexible in use with changing lightning conditions. The film meets high requirements for low granularity, high resolving power, contour sharpness and a wide range of halftones.

FOMAPAN 200 Creative has a nominal film speed of ISO 200/24°C, but due to its wide exposure latitude the film also gives good results when overexposed by 1 EV (exposure value) (as ISO 100/21°C) or underexposed by 2 EV (as ISO 800/30°C) without any change in processing, i.e. without lengthening the development time or increasing the temperature of the developer used.


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Package contents1x Fomapan 200 Creative 120
Film typeBlack-and-White Negative
Size / Dimensions:120
Number of exposures6x4.5: 16 exposures; 6x6: 12 exposures; 6x7: 10 exposures
Film SensitivityISO 200
Push / pull-1/+2
DevelopmentFomadon R09, Ilford ID-11, Microphen,...

goede contrastrijke film

Aangename korrel , contrastrijk .
Donkere delen in een foto zijn mooi vol van kleur.
Ideale film voor buiten fotografie
Zeer scherpe prijs.

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    Fomapan 200 Creative 120