Fomapan Retropan 320 Soft 135-36

Fomapan Retropan 320 Soft 135-36

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FOMAPAN RETROPAN 320 Soft is a panchromatically sensitized negative black and white film with a distinctive grain structure giving images a unique look. The film offers a wide range of half tones, good sharpness and soft highlights which makes it suitable for photography and "retro" style enlarging of negatives (photographs of still lives, architecture, experiments, landscapes, portraits, etc.).

RETROPAN 320 Soft has a nominal film speed of ISO 320/26°, but due to its wide exposure latitude the film also gives good results when overexposed by 1 EV (exposure value) (as ISO 160/23°C) or underexposed by 2 EV (as ISO 1250/32°C) without any change in processing, i.e. without lengthening the development time or increasing the temperature of the developer used.

When printing this film, it is recommended to use warmtone fiber or RC papers in combination with a sepia toner to achieve the retro style prints the film is meant to be used for.

Product features

Package contents
1x Fomapan Retropan 320 Soft 135-36
Film type
Black-and-white Negative
Size / Dimensions:
35mm Film
Number of exposures
36 exposures
Film Sensitivity
ISO 320
Clear grain
Push / pull
Foma Retro Special Developer

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