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Silberra U400 135-36

Silberra is a somewhat controversial analog photography brand from Russia. It was founded in 2017 and currently produces several new black-and-white negative films. Getting these films to Europe was an adventure on its own so only limited quantities are available for now.

Silberra U200 and U400 are the first real new black-and-white negative films from Russia. The film delivers high-contrast images and features a mixed grain emulsion which combines both flat-grain and classic-grain structures. This gives the film a high resolving power which T-Grain films are known for but also preserves the natural tonal softness of classic grain black-and-white films. Silberra U200 and U400 are ideal for those who are looking for a black-and-white negative film which features a high resolution and a wide tonal range inherent to more classic emulsion films.

Silberra 400 has a nominal film sensitivity of ISO 400 but can also be exposed at ISO 200 and 800, while still offering an acceptable contrast ratio and dynamic range. The Silberra U-line of films get their letter-name from the Silberra ULTIMA-series as both film lines are based on the same negative substrate: thin, straight and crystal clear. This makes the film easy to print and ideal for scanning since light sources easily go through the film's transparent base. U400 is also easy to handle during development as it features a special anti-curling layer which leads to flat negatives which dry easily. 

Since the film base is transparent it is important to load the film in subdued light otherwise the first frame may be overexposed. However, Silberra U200 and U400 films have 37 frames to expose so should it be impossible to load the film in subdued light you can immediately skip the first frame and still have 36 frames to shoot. Nice!

Processing times in the most common film developers (20 °C):






10 min



7 min



12 min



5 ½ min



7 ½ min

Kodak HC-110

dil. B

5 min


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Package contents1x Silberra U400 135-36
Film typeBlack-and-White Negative
Size / Dimensions:35mm
Number of exposures36
Film SensitivityISO 400
Push / pull-1/+1
DevelopmentKodak D-76, XTOL, Ilford Perceptol, Agfa Rodinal,...

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Silberra U400 135-36