RETO Amber D400 Daylight 135-27

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The RETO Amber D400 is a 35mm color negative film that appears to be based on the Kodak Vision3 250D Daylight cinema film with the remjet layer removed so that you can develop the film (or have it developed) in the standard C-41 developing process for color negative films. This 35mm film has 27 exposures and comes with a DX code sticker that you can put on the cassette if your camera does not have the possibility to set the film sensitivity manually. The sticker should be applied just above the barcode of the film for proper operation.

The RETO Amber D400 has a nominal film speed of ISO 250 under daylight but has a wide dynamic range so it can be rated from ISO 200 to 800. This makes the film highly versatile and usable under varying lighting conditions. The film has soft and warm color palette with a medium contrast when exposed at ISO 400 or lower.

The film was created from the original Kodak Vision3 250D (5207) cinema film and was further optimized for normal still photography with the remjet layer removed. Therefore you can bring the film into any photo lab that develops color films (C-41). Of course, you can also develop the film yourself using C-41 chemistry kit for home use such as Bellini's C-41 Monopart Kit. You can also develop the film in the original developing process for cinema films, ECN-2, for which we also have a kit for home use. In that case the contrast of the film will be slightly lower and the color tones will also be slightly different. The film is easy to scan without loss of quality.

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Product features

Package contents
1x RETO Amber D400 Daylight 135-27
Film type
Color Negative
Size / Dimensions:
35mm Film
Number of exposures
27 exposures
Film Sensitivity
ISO 250
Classic grain
Push / pull
C-41 / ECN-2

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