Kaiser All-Purpose Magnifier 4.5x

Kaiser All-Purpose Magnifier 4.5x

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The Kaiser All-Purpose Loupe is a basic loupe with a high quality optical glass lens with a diameter of 35mm. The magnification is sharp and gives a distortion-free image up to the edges. In addition, the magnifying glass can easily be adjusted to suit your own visual acuity. Correction is possible from +1 to -2.5.

The magnification factor is 4.5 and the magnification range is 45mm, which makes the loupe extremely suitable for the assessment of 35mm negatives and whether or not framed slides. The magnifier is made of a light, robust plastic (56g) and has a transparent base. The loupe is 7 cm high.


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1x Kaiser All-Purpose Magnifier 4.5x

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