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Adox Precision Loupe 10x

€ 63.95
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The Adox Precision Loupe features a magnification factor of 10 and a large covering area producing a crisp high-quality image even in the edges. High quality coated glass elements including three lenses in two groups with at 30mm diameter. Adjustable diopter compensation possible. This loupe enlarges negatives sufficiently to effectively judge sharpness, grain or resolution. The lens thread is made from metal and the foot made from a transparent material ideal for translucent or reflecting images.

The loupe contains a built-in LED ring so you don't need an external lamp or light table to evaluate for example contact prints. The loupe is powered by four watch batteries which can be replaced. The foot of the loupe contains a micro metric scale (1/10th of a mm) which can be removed if preferred.

The loupe comes complete with a leather case.

Most important features:

  • Magnification: 10 times

  • Adjustable focus

  • Diameter: 42mm (45mm including focusing ring)

  • Height: 50mm to 60mm (focusing thread in/max.)

  • Lens diameter: 30mm

  • Weight without case/with batteries: 112gr

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