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Print File Slide Storage Pages 120 Film 12x6x6cm - Polyethylene - 100 pcs

Print File Slide Storage Pages 120 Film 12x6x6cm - Polyethylene - 100 pcs

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The archiving solutions for film negatives of the US-based Print File have belonged to the absolute top of the market for more than 50 years. As during the heyday of analog photography, all negative storage pages are still produced locally in the United States. With the advent of digital photography, Print File has largely disappeared from the European market and new generations of analog photographers are no longer familiar with Print File's attractive range of archiving solutions. We are happy to change this and offer a carefully selected selection from the Print File range, directly from the USA, on a permanent basis.

120 Film / 6x6cm (225-12HB)

These slide storage pages are suitable for mounted or unmounted slides format 6x6cm (120 film). In addition, these storage pages are also suitable for storing individually cut 120 film negatives size 6x6cm. Each page holds 12 frames or a full roll of 120 film format 6x6cm. The packaging contains 100 pages. Keep in mind that the pages are wider than a standard A4 page, namely 25.08 x 30.32 cm (9.88 x 11.94 inch). A standard A4 ring binder is therefore not suitable for storing these slide pages. We therefore recommend that you always keep the slide pages in a suitable oversized ring binder, with or without cover, such as the Kenro Ring Binder or the Ring Box Binder from Ars-Imago.


You may already be familiar with glassine or clear negative storage pages. The negative storage pages and slide storage pages of Print File are made from another raw material, namely PVC-free polyethylene. Polyethylene is a plastic that is extremely suitable for long-term archiving and is better than polypropylene because it does not create any static charge, so no dirt or dust particles are attracted to the film negative. The slide storage pages have a thin backing without losing their strength (8 mil = 4 mil top + 4 mil bottom). Therefore they are at least as clear and transparent as acetate negative pages and it is also possible to make contact prints without removing the negatives from the page (paper size 20,3 x 25,4 cm).

Photographic Activity Test

The PAT or Photographic Activity Test is a globally accepted quality standard for archiving solutions for photographic materials. The PAT examines possible chemical interactions between photographic materials and the storage materials in which they are kept after they have had prolonged contact with each other. Solutions that pass the test have no negative effect on the properties of the photographic material (in this case film negatives) and are therefore suitable for long-term archiving. All negative storage pages of Print File are produced according to a PAT-qualified (ISO 18916) production process and therefore meet this quality standard.


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1x Print File Slide Storage Pages 120 Film 12x6x6cm - Polyethylene - 100 pcs
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