Energizer EPX625G Alkaline Battery (1,5V)

Energizer EPX625G Alkaline Battery (1,5V)

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Powerful and high-quality EPX625G battery from Energizer for various analogue cameras. This 6V alkaline battery is known for its reliable power delivery and is an alternative for following batteries including the commonly used PX13/PX625 battery for analog cameras:

PX13, PX625A, D625, V625U, EPX625, BPLR09, KA625, PX625, L1560, 625A, MR9P, LR9, KA625, R625, MR9, MR09, RPX625, KX615, HD1560, 1124MP, RM-625R, E625N, HG-625R, 4370, 4371, V13PX, EPX13, V625PX, HD625, PN625, RM625, 4625, 625, H1560, M01, M20, 8930 and battery LR09.

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1x Energizer EPX625G Alkaline Battery (1,5V)

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