TOYO-VIEW Sheet Film Holder 8x10 inch

TOYO-VIEW Sheet Film Holder 8x10 inch

€ 270.24
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The terrific cut film holders from Toyo-View are the embodiment of artisanship in the industry, yielding ultimate film flatness and silky smooth darkslide operation.  This is genuine craftsmanship in a tool-something that you don't typically see in today's cost-conscious climate. You'll appreciate their exceptional pedigree the more that you use them.

Eliminate Insertion Trouble:

Wide angle drawing plate

Finely finished periphery

Smooth rounded corners

Inner frame wall angled and matte finished to avoid reflection

Non-fraying cloth at dark slide's mouth protects against light leaks


Product features

Package contents
1x Vlakfilmhouder voor 8x10 inch vlakfilm (darkslide inbegrepen)
2 jaar

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