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Negative Supply Basic Riser Mini Copy Stand

Negative Supply Basic Riser Mini Copy Stand

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The Basic Riser Mini from Negative Supply is a compact, lightweight copy stand that focuses on rigidity for optimal results at an affordable price. Combining innovative new methods for construction with proven functionality, this device builds on Negative Supply's ecosystem of basic film scanning tools. It allows you to scan 35mm or 120 film with standard or short telephoto macro lenses (up to 100mm for 35mm and up to 70mm for 120 film) with both crop sensor or full frame mirrorless cameras or entry level DSLRs.

It has a solid metal central column and base. The heads features a new hybrid carbon fiber sandwich construction using internal tensioners and aluminum sides for durability. New in-house made bearings and adjustable spring tensioners provide for incredibly smooth and precise camera movement.

Works well with Basic Film Carrier 35, Basic Film Carrier 120 and the Basic Mounted Slide Scanning Kit. Compact footprint for any size workspace.


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1x Negative Supply Basic Riser Mini Copy Stand

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