Lomo DigitaLIZA Scanning Mask for 35mm Film

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Take full control of scanning standard and special format 35mm film negatives with the DigitaLIZA 35mm Scanning Mask. Suitable for most modern flatbed scanners.

The DigitaLIZA 35mm Scanning Mask conveniently scans standard 35mm film negative strips and special format negatives such as sprocket holes, endless panorama and overlapping exposures — something that a standard 35mm scanning mask just can't do.

DigitaLIZA's innovative magnetic mechanism holds the highly sensitive negatives in place to give you the utmost convenience, control, and creativity. The design and use of the DigitaLIZA scanning masks is so good that they are often seen as a better alternative to the scanning masks that come standard with popular flatbed scanners such as the Epson V850. Therefore the masks can be used by serious analog photographer who frequently use professional film and aim to achieve the best scanning quality possible but also by Lomographers who want full creative control over their images.

When investing in a good scanner, the purchase of one or more DigitaLIZA Scanning Masks is to be considered as it will save you time and allow you to control the overall tone, color and resolution of your images.

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1x Lomo DigitaLIZA Scanning Mask for 35mm Film

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