Essential Film Holder (V3.1) for 35mm/120 Film

Essential Film Holder (V3.1) for 35mm/120 Film

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Complete Essential Film Holder (version 3) with standard film mask for digitizing 35mm film negatives (without sprockets) and 120 film negatives (without borders). System always expandable with optional film masks. Use of a lightbox like the Kaiser Slimlite is necessary. Copying stand optional and recommended for larger volumes of film to be digitized.

The Essential Film Holder (EFH) is a simple, effective and affordable solution for holding film strips above a light box in a perfectly flat way and aligned with your digital camera. It considered by many as the the best solution price-quality for digitizing film with a digital camera (also called camera scanning). It holds 35mm and 120 film negative super flat resulting in distortion free, high-quality digital (raw) files. For converting the scanned negatives, we advise using the Negative Lab Pro software.

The EFH has been designed by UK photographer and engineer Andrew Clifforth and has since its release been improved many times thanks to customer feedback from users all around the world. The design of the Essential Film Holder is straightforward, the diffuser, base, guide layer and film holder are mounted on 4 corner posts made from non-scratch nylon and are held in place with nylon nuts. The base of the holder is fitted with a thick translucent diffuser to ensure even illumination of the film negative. Rubber feet on the base prevents movement of the unit on the light box during usage. Film holders are mounted on top of the unit, each holder exists out of two rigid black plastic masks separated with a thin 0.5 mm guide layer to allow the film to move in a very controlled manner, without scratching. The complete unit is made from high-quality plastics, no metal is used to minimize the risk of scratching the film negatives.

Using the EFH is also easy, the unit is directly placed onto an even white light source. For best results we recommend a Kaiser Slimlite but for people on a tight budget you can also use an tablet like an iPad. Then you position your camera above the unit and light source with the lens pointing vertically down. For continued work and larger batches of film a copy stand is used. For more sporadic use a tripod will also do the trick. Camera scanning works best with a DSLR with macro lens. Since the film has to be advanced manually with this unit, the use of remote release or cable release is advised. Use aperture f/5.6 for maximum sharpness.

There is already a wide range of films masks available for the EFH, allowing you to scan standard film formats 35mm and 120 (6x4.5, 6x6, 6x7 and 6x9) and a range of special formats like 35mm with sprockets, 120 with borders, XPAN, mounted slides,... This version comes with the standard 35mm and 120 film mask that covers the image area of each negative (to also scan sprockets/borders you'll need a separate mask). Of course you can always expand your system with additional masks in the future.

Key features:

Multiple film formats fully supported in one design: 35mm and 120 (6x4.5, 6x6, 6x7 and 6x9), with or without sprockets/bordes and special formats like XPAN and mounted slides;

Perfectly flat negatives: right across the frame, the negative remains flat, giving your camera the best possibility of getting a high resolution digitization image. No flattening glass is used, so no fringing and no newton rings;

Consistent positioning: the guide layers make it easy to obtain consistent relative positioning to lessen the hassle in post processing of your images;

Perfectly diffused backlight every time: the included professional grade diffuser uses a specially selected materials to create an even backlight, thus avoiding hot-spots on your image that are so easy to obtain (and so difficult to avoid) with cheaper, non-optical quality diffusers;

Quick setup: the design facilitates super-fast setup of the film holder, so you’ll spend more time digitizing than aligning;

Fast (!): compared to an Epson V600 flatbed scanner, we’re talking lightning fast! Digitize a 36 exposure roll of 35mm film in well under 5-6 minutes:

User-adjustable configuration: the EFH range offers the user a number of different build configurations to facilitate a variety of usage modes... different backlights, different backlight-to-diffuser distances and variations of film-to-diffuser distances;

Affordable: a small fraction of the price of other high-end solutions.

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1x Essential Film Holder Unit (V3.1), 1x EFH Film Mask for 35mm Film, 1x EFH Film Mask for 120 Film, 1x Fabric Storage Bag

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