Negative Supply 35mm Film Scanning Kit (Film Carrier MK1 + Pro Mount MK2)

Negative Supply 35mm Film Scanning Kit (Film Carrier MK1 + Pro Mount MK2)

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The 35mm Scanning Kit from Negative Supply includes the Film Carrier MK1 with standard film scanning guides and the Pro Mount MK2 with 35mm Adapter Plate for added stability, precision, and dust removal capabilities. Complete, high-end scanning unit for camera scanning 35mm films. Additional light source is needed like the Basic or Pro Light Source from Negative Supply or the Slimlite from Kaiser. The use of a copy stand is advised but a tripod can also be used. Questions on how to use this product? Send us a message or e-mail and we'll help you further!

Film Carrier MK1 for 35mm Film

Unit comes with standard scanning guides that cap the image area of negatives. Scanning guides that also cap the entire borders (sprockets) of the negatives and other accessories are available separately.

The Negative Supply Film Carrier MK1 is a high-end tool for scanning strips or full rolls of 35mm film in no time thanks to a high-quality stainless steel drive mechanism. Each Frame can be precisely centered while capturing every detail quickly and efficiently. The MK1 is currently the best solution on the market to camera scan 35mm film negatives at a high speed while maintaining them perfectly flat for digital files of the highest quality. Film Carrier MK1 has seen worldwide success following a Kickstarter campaign and is now available to everyone. Every unit is hand assembled and finished by craftsmen and craftswomen in the USA, using the best quality components to create products to last generations.

The Film Carrier MK1 from Negative Supply allows you to speed up the capturing process of your camera scanning workflow and delivers the best digital copies of your 35mm film memories. After placing the carrier over a separately purchased light source, this device lets you precisely center each frame on a roll of 35mm film, so you can photograph it with a digital camera, making this unit a quick and easy way to scan rolls of film. Bearings provide smooth and even pressure while silicone tensioners hold the guide wheels securely in place and prevent damaging delicate film stocks. The most important part of the unit is the high-quality stainless steel drive mechanism that lets you capture each frame quickly and efficiently. All the while keeping your film flat to ensure optimal sharpness.  

It allows you to scan full uncut rolls of 35mm film or cut strips as short as 5 frames in no time. Full rolles can be scanned under 2 minutes.

Next to a digital camera and the Film Carrier MK1, you'll also need a tripod or copy stand to perfectly position the camera above the film negative. Also a light source is needed to illuminate your film negatives to capture every detail of your photographs. For this you can use a tablet, one of the Slimlite light boxes from Kaiser and for the best results a high-quality light source with a high CRI. As Negative Supply offers a complete range of tools to camera scan your negatives, these accessories are recommended:

  • Pro Mount MK2: designed to partner seamlessly with the Film Carrier MK1 35mm scanning unit. The Pro Mount MK2 offers added stability, precision, and dust removal capabilities to the scanning system.

  • 4x5 Light Source Basic: light source specifically designed for scanning photographic film for 35mm up through 4x5". Compact and bright, this is a great light pad for both color and black-and-white film.

  • Pro Riser MK1: solid copy stand especially designed for scanning your film. Full aluminium components, holds professional DSLR's securely and features a built-in arca-style rail into the front.

  • Full Border Scanning Guides: love seeing the sprocket holes of your 35mm film? Us too! Use the Full Border Scanning Guides to scan the full frame of your film and see those beautiful borders!

Every Film Carrier MK1 ships with a reference guide and a scannable QR code with quick links to getting started videos and tips and tricks. Of course you can always contact us should you need assistance!

To sum up, these are the most important features of the Film Carrier MK1:

  • Digitize 35mm black-and-white and color film with a your digital camera
  • High-quality stainless steel drive mechanism centers each frame effortlessly and precisely

  • Protects delicate film stock

  • Interior nylon wall shields all four sides of film from unwanted ambient light interference

  • Dyed matte-black finish

Pro Mount MK2 + 35mm Adapter Plate

The Negative Supply Pro Mount MK2 is designed to partner seamlessly with the Film Carrier MK1 35mm or Film Carrier 120. The Pro Mount MK2 offers added stability, precision, and dust removal capabilities to the scanning system.

Keeping the original dimensions for platform and insert compatibility, the new Pro Mount MK2 combines an extremely strong anodized aluminum plate reinforced by fiber composite polymer hardware. 


The 35mm and 120 Film Carrier safely and easily attaches to the Pro Mount MK2, and the Mount offers added weight and widens the footprint of the unit, adding stability to the scanning process. While the Film Carriers are still stable without the Pro Mount, this ensures even greater stability and control.


The Pro Mount MK2 is a precisely designed device featuring leveling feet to guarantee a level plane for scanning. The bottoms of the leveling feet also feature small anti-slip feet for added stability and precision.

Dust removal

The most exciting feature on the Pro Mount MK2 saves you a tremendous amount of time and frustration in post production. Every Pro Mount MK1 includes an anti-static brush that securely attaches to the Mount, coming in line with the film gate of the Film Carrier. Most dust and unwanted debris will be automatically removed from your film before scanning, saving you time and energy. Includes 35mm brush.  


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1x Negative Supply Film Carrier MK1 for 35mm Film, 1x Standard Scanning Guides, 1x Negative Supply Pro Mount MK2, 1x 35mm Adapter Plate

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