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Negative Supply Curated Kit for 35mm/120 Film

Negative Supply Curated Kit for 35mm/120 Film

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The Negative Supply Curated Kit is a complete, professional starter kit for those who want to start scanning their film negatives with a digital camera and comes at a reduced price than if the components were purchased separately. The kit includes tools to digitize 35mm and 120 film negatives. If you also want to scan 4x5" sheet film then the optional 4x5" Sheet Film Holder must be purchased which is compatible with the Pro Mount MK2 included in this kit.

This Curated Kit includes a Basic Riser Black Edition and the new Pro Film Carrier 35 for digitizing 35mm film. Note that this kit includes Film Guides for digitizing the actual image area of the negative. If you also wish to capture the film edges you will need to purchase the Full Border Guides (35mm/120) separately. 

Below is an overview of the various tools included in the Curated Kit. Click on the respective links to learn more about each product.


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1x Negative Supply Curated Kit for 35mm/120 Film

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