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VSGO Tumbler Filtered Air Blower

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The VSGO Tumbler Filtered Air Blower is a compact and powerful air blaster with a built-in filter and a one-way air intake that captures dust to ensure it is not inhaled into the blower and released back onto the material you are treating. This ensures 100% dust-free air to be blown out which makes it ideal for removing dust from sensitive materials such as film negatives, slides, camera mirrors, oculars and more.

The unique tumbler design keeps to tool always straight whenever it is placed on a surface, which prevents the nozzle of the tool touching other materials, keeping it clean all time. The design of the Tumbler Air Blower was awarded with a Red Dot Design Award in 2019.

In addition, the filter of the air blower can be removed for cleaning, so that it always remains effective for the intended applications. The filter itself is also replaceable, new filters are sold separately so that the lifespan of this air blower can be significantly extended.

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