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VSGO Hurricane Filtered Air Blower

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The VSGO Hurricane Filtered Air Blower is the most powerful air blower of the VSGO series with a built-in filter and a one-way air intake that captures dust to ensure it is not inhaled into the blower and released back onto the material you are treating. This ensures 100% dust-free air to be blown out which makes it ideal for removing dust from sensitive materials such as film negatives, slides, camera mirrors, oculars and more.

Unlike traditional air blowers, VSGO Hurricane has 14 air inlets built on the side of the air blower. These inlets make sure enough air enters into the body of the air blower so a powerful stream of air can be generated. The built-in one-way airflow valve blocks any contaminated air from the nozzle. It only allows airflow through the 14 air inlets and makes sure only dust filtered air can enter into the air blower.

The filter of the air blower can be removed for cleaning, so that it always remains effective for the intended applications. The filter itself is also replaceable, new filters are sold separately so that the lifespan of this air blower can be significantly extended. The Hurricane comes with five spare air filters. It is recommended to replace the air filter every 6 months when frequently used. It is also possible to clean each filter with cold water and to dry out.

Next to five air filters, the package also contains two different sizes of nozzles. The short nozzle is for the easily accessible areas such as camera lenses, camera bodies, negatives, slides,... The long nozzle is for those hard to reach areas such as camera mirrors, oculairs, film scanners,...

The suction cup at the bottom of the air blower can stick on any smooth surface. It provides extra convenience and stability to users and prevents the air blower from accidentally falling over and damaging the nozzle.


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1x VSGO Hurricane Filtered Air Blower, 1x Short Nozzle, 1x Long Nozzle, 5x Air Filter

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