Kenro 120 Film Storage Combo Large / Negative Storage Pages + Binder

This combo includes 100 pergamyn negative storage pages for film strips of 120 film and the original storage ringbinder for storing these pages.

These paper negative storage pages are manufactured from Acid Free Translucent Paper – Pergamyn. Each page holds 7 strips of 6 full frame negatives. The pages are side loaded and the strip positions are overprinted to help with quick loading. The binding is multi punched and is compatible with most types of ringbinder.


The Kenro Ringbinder is the best way to keep all of your film, prints, and slides safely tucked away in a dust free environment. The traditional Kenro Ringbinders are tough, hardwearing and designed for professional use with a quality 4-ring mechanism. The ringbinder also features a reference pocket and memo card on the spine for quick and easy reference.

The storage ringbinders are designed to hold approximately 30 heavy duty slide pages or 100-150 of our KNF Film storage pages.



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Package contents100 x Kenro pergamijn negative storage page 120, 1x Kenro storage binder
FinishMat - pergamijn - translucent

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Kenro 120 Film Storage Combo Large / Negative Storage Pages + Binder