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Analogheld 120 Film Case - 4 Films - Metal

Analogheld 120 Film Case - 4 Films - Metal

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Analogheld is a new, young, German brand that brings stylish accessories to the market for every enthusiast of analog photography. With the 120 Film Case, Analogheld brings its first product on the market. This durable metal film case is suitable for storing four 120 roll films and features the catchy Analogheld logo at the top. 

This sturdy 120 film case allows you to safely store your roll films during a trip close to home but also for adventures in distant regions. Travelling with film is becoming increasingly difficult as many airports around the world install CT scanners that are very dangerous for (un)exposed film even though they are safely stored in a case like this one. That's why the bottom of the Analogheld Film Case is equipped with a handy warning indicating to check film by hand in six languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Russian and Chinese (Mandarin).

Each case comes with two small labels (B&W / COL) that can be fixed to the case. Handy for when you want to keep colour films and black-and-white films separate.

Product features

Package contents
1x Analogheld 120 Film Case, 1x Label "B&W, 1 Label "COL"

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