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Dubblefilm SHOW 35mm Camera (Reusable) - Pink

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The Dubblefilm SHOW Analog 35mm Camera is a great alternative to the single-use cameras we all know. This plastic analog point-and-shoot camera offers the user-friendliness of a single-use camera but can endlessly be reloaded with your favorite color or black-and-white 35mm films. An affordable analog camera, so to say, that aims for the sustainability we all have to work towards.

The SHOW comes in two colors, black or pink. Both feature a fixed-aperture (f/8 - 1/125s) 32mm lens and a built-in flash that is powered by one AAA-battery (not included) and can be switched on and off. Images are sharp from a minimum focusing distance of 1m. The film can be loaded easily just as with any other analog compact camera and has to be winded back and forward manually. See here for an instructional video how to load this little camera if you're new to the world of analog photography!

The SHOW camera can be loaded with any 35mm film on the market today, color, black-and-white, it's your choice! Please note that the camera comes without film but Retro Camera offers one of the largest assortments of 35mm film in Europe so don't worry.

Every camera comes in a stylish bag and with a handstrap. The SHOW is delivered in the customized Nähe case made by the Japanese designer Hightide. The pink version of the SHOW 35mm camera comes with a red case and a blue handstrap.

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Package contents
1x Dubblefilm Show Analog 35mm camera Pink, 1x Nähe Case Red, 1x Handstrap Blue

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