Bergger Cyanotype Kit / (2x300ml)

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This complete Cyanotype Kit is yet another exciting release by the French analog brand Bergger. There are several Cyanotype kits on the market today but very few of these are marketed by manufacturers of analog photo products and offer the quality many analog photographers expect. This cyanotype kit from Bergger is definitely different and will allow you to make authentic blueprints!

Cyanotype is an old monochrome photographic printing process that produces real Prussian cyan-blue prints. The technique was invented by the British scientist and astronomer John Frederick William Herschel in the 19th century. With the cyanotype printing technique you can create photograms from objects plated onto sensitized photographic paper or make contact prints from a genuine photographic (or digitally created) negative. As the emulsion is UV sensitive you can easily make contact prints or photograms using just direct sunlight without the need of special tools like an enlarger for normal B&W photographic prints.

The Bergger Cyanotype Kit comes in a nice box that contains everything to make cyanotype prints:

  • 2 bottles of cyanotype emulsion of 300ml

  • 25 sheets of Bergger Cotton 320 (100%) unsensitized paper

  • 1 spalter brush of 50mm

  • 1 foam brush of 50mm

  • 1 measuring cylinder of 25ml

  • 1 ceramic bowl

The kits comes with then necessary instructions on how to use the kit. Next to this you can also use the dedicated video tutorial.

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