Moersch Easy LITH 200 - (2 x 100ml)

Moersch Easy LITH 200 - (2 x 100ml)

€ 8.95
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For those new to Lith, or those who would like to have a go without the complexity that can arise, the Easy Lith Kits of Moersch are the way to go!

Recommended dilutions 1+15 to 1+30

200 ml (Lith A 100 ml, Lith B 100 ml) yield 3-6 litres of working solution

This product is sold out and temporarily unavailable to order. Please contact us for more information about the expected delivery time.

Product features

Package contents
1 x Easy Lith Part A (100ml) , 1 x Easy Lith Part B (100ml)

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