Adox Adostab (Agfa Sistan) Wetting Agent + Image Stabilizer - 1L

Adox Adostab (Agfa Sistan) Wetting Agent + Image Stabilizer - 1L

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Adox Adostab is a wetting agent with an integrated image stabilizer. It is similar to now discontinued Agfa Sistan solution but features a higher concentration and an even better formula. When compared with a selenium toner, prints treated with Adostab do not change color. Images treated with Adostab undergo a slight increase in density but do not change in color. The silver content of the image reacts with the active ingredients in the Adostab solution, making the image more stable and UV resistant over a longer period which prevents bleaching when the print is exposed to the sunlight.

Adostab is easy to use and can be used at the end of every developing process just like wetting agent for approximately 120 seconds. It is not necessary to rinse afterwards. Just dry the print and you're done.

Only use Adostab directly as the final bath of the developing process on well fixed and washed prints. Adostab does not function as a washaid for fiber-based prints. Just like a selenium toner it will create marks and spots on prints which are insufficiently fixed or washed.

Standard dilution: 1+20 to 1+40.

Capacity: 2 sqm per liter of working solution (equals 700 films per bottle of 1 liter or 40sqm of prints).

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1x Adox Adostab (Agfa Sistan) Wetting Agent + Image Stabilizer - 1L
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