Bergger BER49 Film Developer - 1L

Bergger BER49 Film Developer - 1L

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Bergger BER49 is a three-part powder film developer that is especially formulated to obtain the highest possible details in half tones of black-and-white negatives. It is designed for manual processing but can also be used for automated processing if necessary. BER49 gives results that are similar to the discontinued legacy film developers: Agfa Atomal, Tetenal Emofin and Kodak Microdol-X.

Bergger BER49 allows you to obtain a very fine grain without lowering the film's nominal sensitivity and is in general adapted to the development of high speed black-and-white films.

Using the standard dilution 1+1, one liter of working solution is sufficient to develop around 10 35mm or 120 films. Starting from the third developed film, the developing time has to be increased by one minute, for each film onwards. 

Powder packs must be stored sealed in a dry place. The working solution has a long shelf life and is resistant to oxidation.


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1x Bergger BER49 Film Developer - 1L
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