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ADOX APH-09 Sharpness Compensating Film Developer - 500ml

Manufactured acording to the original ORWO R09 recipe.

Rodinal is the world's oldest photochemical patent. Momme Andresen first mixed this developer 1891 in Berlin and thus founded the photographical department of Agfa.

1945 Germany was divided and Rodinal walked off with a group of scientists and engineers to Leverkusen. In Eastern Germany the remainings of Agfa were converted into ORWO and Rodinal “east” was now called ORWO R09. It remained the most popular liquid developer in both parts of Germany.

Agfa in West Germany improved their Rodinal a few times and gave it better keeping properties and a slightly finer grain producing additive while R09 stayed more or less the same as it was in 1945.

This is why there are two versions of Rodinal today. They are similar but not identical. The developing times may be interchanged though.

APH-09 offers high sharpness and visual accuity along with excellent gray tones. It is especially good for film emulsions like those the original Rodinal was developed for, namely classic, high-silver films. For medium and large-format films, the benefits of high sharpness, accuity, grain structure, and grey tones outweigh the relatively small draw-back of slightly larger grain to compare varorably to a fine-grain developer.

500 ml concentrate.
Dilutions: 1+25 to 1+500.


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ADOX APH-09 Sharpness Compensating Film Developer - 500ml