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B&W chemistry starter kit, can be used to develop nearly every B&W film. Kit includes Film Developer (Ultrafin), Fix (Superfix Plus) and wetting agent (Mirasol 2000 Antistatic).

Tetenal Ultrafin Film Developer - 250ml

Tetenal Ultrafin liquid is a versatile black and white film developer.This one-shot developer has an excellent speed yield. Ultrafin liquid is highly compensating and fine grain developer.

Dilution: 1 + 10 to 1 + 30, depending on the desired negative contrast.

Yield: 250 ml concentrate = approx. 20 films.

Tetenal Superfix Plus - 250ml

Tetenal Superfix Plus is a high-performance rapid fixer for all black and white negative films and photographic papers. 

Superfix Plus is a high performance universal fixer, suitable for tray, drum and machine processing. 

Dilution: 1+4 up to 1+9. 

Yield: 1 liter of concentrate for max. 20 m².

Tetenal Mirasol 2000 Antistatic Wetting Agent

Tetenal Mirasol 2000 is an antistatic wetting agent for B&W films and has an anti-bacterial effect. Mirasol prevents the formation of limescale and water spots during drying. Mirasol is also great as a glazing agent (Glanzol) for fiber-based papers. 

Dilution 1 + 400 as a wetting agent for black and white films. 

Dilution 1 + 40 as a glazing agent for fiber-based paper.

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1x Tetenal Ultrafin Film Developer 250ml, 1x Tetenal Superfix Plus 250ml, 1x Tetenal Mirasol 2000 Antistatic Wetting Agent

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