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Bellini Hydrofen Film Developer - 250ml

Bellini Hydrofen Film Developer - 250ml

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Bellini Hydrofen is a fine-grain black-and-white film developer based on phenidone and hydroquinone. The specific composition of this developer delivers results that are similar to almost identical to what could have been achieved with the original and meanwhile discontinued, Agfa Studional and Rodinal Speziale.

Just like Rodinal Speziale, Bellini Hydrofen delivers a very fine grain and an average contrast at dilutions 1+15 and 1+39. The film developer can be used with most black-and-white films on the market, both Cubic Grain such as Agfa APX, Ilford FP4 and T-Grain films such as Kodak T-Max. Applicable development times can be found on Bellini's official website and also on Massive Dev Chart.

Comes in a bottle of 250ml.

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1x Bellini Hydrofen Film Developer - 250ml

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