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Bergger BerFix Neutral Fixer (Alkaline) - 1L

Bergger BerFix Neutral is an odourless alkaline amoniumthiosulfate rapid fixer with a pH value of 7 for use with most black-and-white films and photographic papers. 

This alkaline fixer is an alternative to the more common acid fixers and has several advantages: less danger of over fixing, shorter washing times, improved permanence and greater capacity. In order to achieve these advantages it is necessary to keep your entire developing system neutral, so you'll have to use a water stop bath and a final washing bath without HCA. Alkaline fixers are highly recommended when using staining/tanning developers like Bergger PMK or when toning photographic papers.

When used in combination with black-and-white film, BerFix Neutral allows you to bring more detail in shadows rather than highlights (when a water stop is used). If you want to reuse the fixing bath, it is recommended that you use a dilution of 1+4. With one liter of working solution you can develop up to 20 films. Dilution 1+9 allows you to fix approximately 5 films.

With black-and-white photographic papers, it is recommended to use a dilution of 1+4, in order not to immerse paper too long in the fixer (no more than 90 seconds). Washing is then easier and quicker.

Made in Germany.


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Bergger BerFix Neutral Fixer (Alkaline) - 1L