Amaloco AM 1001 Paper Developer - 1L

Amaloco AM 1001 Paper Developer - 1L

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Amaloco AM 1001 is a warm-tone paper developer and, in combination with almost all types of black-and-white photographic papers, results in a nice warm image tone. Papers with a chlorobromide emulsion result in a very warm image tone. On bromide emulsions a warm to neutral image tone is created, depending on the brand and type of black-and-white paper used. However, AM 1001 is the ideal paper developer for developing Ilford Warmtone RC and FB photographic papers.

The standard dilution for AM 1001 is 1+9. The standard development time for RC papers is 1.5 minutes and 2 minutes at 20 °C for FB papers. When the maximum capacity of the concentrate is fully used, the development time should be extended by at least half a minute during use.

Working at higher temperatures (max. 24 °C) poses no problem; on the contrary, an even warmer picture tone is produced. The development time at 24 °C for RC papers is then 50-60 seconds. If desired, the indicated development times can be exceeded without any problems without increasing the risk on fogging in the white areas of the print.

The ideal storage temperature is between 10 and 20 °C. As with any other photochemistry, the shelf life of opened concentrates largely depends on the extent to which the chemistry is exposed to oxygen. The use of airtight bottles and/or an anti-oxidation spray is therefore recommended for maximum utilization. Used concentrate can be kept in a semi-filled bottle for a maximum of 8 weeks without loss of quality. The maximum capacity per litre of usage solution is 4-5 m².

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