Moersch SE1 SEPIA - 1L View larger

Moersch SE1 SEPIA - 1L

Papierontwikkelaar voor warme zwarte tonen, concentraat levert tussen de 8 en 16 liter working solution op.

Special developer for Warm tone papers such as Select, Classic, Forte und Bergger. The image produced is a warm black. A light selenium toning (dilution between 1+100 to 1+200) produces a sepia tone and increases the maximum blacks. If the print is toned for longer the image assumes a colder brown.

Dilution: 1+7 to 1+15

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Package contents1 x Moersch SE1 Sepia papierontwikkelaar - 1 LITER

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Moersch SE1 SEPIA - 1L