Bergger Gold Toner - 1L

Bergger Gold Toner - 1L

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Bergger Gold Toner is a gold toning solution for black-and-white photographic papers that can be used either directly, after treatment in a bleaching bath or in combination with other toning solutions. 

This gold toner will give prints a blue tone and will immediately affect the highlights as soon as the print enters the toning bath. It can also be used after a thiourea toning bath which will result in red tones.

Bergger Gold Toner gives the best results when used with the Bergger chlorobromide black-and-white papers like Bergger CB, CM or CB Style papers, Slavich Bromportrait or Fomabrom 131/132/532/542.

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1x Bergger Gold Toner - 1L
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