Adox RA-4 Two Bath Kit for 2.5L

Adox RA-4 Two Bath Kit for 2.5L

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The Adox RA-4 kit is an innovative two-bath RA-4 colour paper developer that comes with two monoconcentrates. The kit contains everything you need to develop analog colour prints at home. Part A contains the developer and part B the bleach-fix. Since it only contains two baths, the process is much simpler when comparing it to the more standard RA-4 kits. Simply dilute each bath with water (1+4) and you are ready to start!

The Adox RA-4 two-bath kit contains everything you need to process colour papers at home which are compatible with the RA-4 process. Nowadays, all colour papers are compatible with the RA-4 process (e.g. ADOX, Kodak and Fuji). The content is sufficient for processing approx. 5 sqm of colour paper or approx. 160 sheets size 18x24 cm. Of course, you don't always have to prepare 2.5 litres at once. The kit can be used multiple times with smaller concentrates. Be sure to keep the bottle always airtight. 

The processing should take place at 35 degrees Celsius. The development and fixing time is then 45 seconds each. When 2 square meters of paper have been processed per litre, the bath should be replaced by a fresh one with a new working solution. If the bath is not changed and the process is continued, colours will shift, blue blacks (exhausted developer) or incorrect brightness (exhausted bleach-fixing bath) will occur at some point. As with all bleach-fixing baths, the water temperature should not be below 30 degrees Celsius or a stabilizer bath should be used, otherwise the reddish colour of the bath may not be completely washed out and the pictures may have a red cast. It is therefore also important to use only well-watered test strips to assess the colour filtering.

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1x Adox RA-4 Colour Developer (Part A) 500ml, 1x ADox RA-4 Bleach-Fix (Part B) 500ml

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