Starter Kit for Film Developing - Tetenal / 250ml

Starter Kit for Film Developing - Tetenal / 250ml

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Are you new to the magic world of analog photography and do you want to get started with developing your own black-and-white films? Or are you an experienced analog photographer with nostalgia to the good old days of analog photography? Then this starter kit for film developing is something for you!

This starter kit includes everything you need to develop your own black-and-white films (35mm or 120). Get started with the universal and indestructible Paterson development tank (with two universal film reels) and develop two 35mm films at the same time or one 120 film. The preferred dilution of the supplied film developer, fixer and stop bath can be precisely measured with the Paterson measuring cylinder of 300ml. You can keep an eye on the temperatures of the working solutions with the precision thermometer, made specifically for film development.

After successfully developing your film they can be hanged up with the supplied film clips to dry.

In short, this kit is good for a lot of "developing" fun! With the supplied chemicals you can develop at least ten (35mm) films or five 120 films (using the standard dilution 1:10). Once all chemistry is used you can of course use the kit again with new, fresh chemistry!

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Product features

Package contents
1x Paterson Universal Developing Tank (with two reels), 1x Paterson B&W Thermometer, 1x Paterson Measuring Cylinder 300ml, 2x Paterson Film Clip, 1x Tetenal Ultrafin 250ml, 1x Tetenal Superfix Plus 250ml, 1x Tetenal Mirasol Antistatic Wetting Agent 250ml

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