Jobo Lab Kit Medium for 35mm/120 Film

Jobo Lab Kit Medium for 35mm/120 Film

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The Jobo Lab Kit Medium contains all you need to develop your 35mm films and 120 roll films. The only thing you need is the appropriate photochemistry for developing black-and-white or color films. Are you new to the world of analog photography and not sure yet which chemistry is the most suitable? Send us a message and we will help you!

Below you'll find more details about the different products included in this kit.

Jobo 1520 UniTank Film Developing Tank + 1x 1501 Reel

The Jobo 1500 modular Tank System is made of chemical-resistant plastics for inversion or rotation processing of 35mm and roll films.

The Jobo 1520 UniTank developing tank was designed for the most economical inversion processing of 35mm and 120/220 film, requiring up to 30% less photochemistry compared to tanks for inversion processing of other brands. The trusted and reliable lid effectively and easily seals the tank which ensures a clean development of film without any leaks.

The 1520 tank comes with one adjustable 1501 tank reel for the development of one 35mm film or up to two 120 films. The package also contains the standard red tank lid for manual inversion development. The UniTank can hold up to two 1501 reels making it possible to develop two 35mm films simultaneously. For this you'll need to buy an additional 1501 film reel since the tank only comes with one reel. The tank can also develop two 120 films when using the integrated clip of the film reel. Every 1501 reel is equipped with a red clip which makes it possible to to load two roll films end-to-end onto one film reel without any risks of overlapping. Because of this possibility, the 1520 UniTank can develop two roll films simultaneously despite the fact that the tank holds only one 1501 reel with the adjusted size for roll film. If you don't use the clip, the tank can develop one roll film.

When using the tank for inversion processing by hand the tank must be filled with at least 485ml of photochemistry making it one of the most economical ways to develop multiple 35mm and roll films. For rotary processing with a compatible Jobo processor, the tank only needs 240ml of photochemistry to do the job. In that case the tank also needs to be fitted with a cog (#1505) in order to attach it to the lift of the processor or a tank magnet base (#1504) if the processor is not equipped with a lift. Both accessories are not included and sold separately.

  • Filling and film capacity: 

    Tank fitted with Films Rotation Inversion
    1 reel 1501 1 film 35mm 140 ml 250 ml
    1 film 120 240 ml 485 ml
    2 films 120 240 ml 485 ml
    2 reels 1501 2 films 35mm 240 ml 485 ml

Jobo 3310 Scaled Chemical Storage Bottles (2x600ml)

A set of two white 600ml wide-mouth scaled bottels for chemical storage.

For these storage bottles, Jobo has designed a special cap that closes the storage bottles more effectively. Contrary to other models of storage bottles on the market, the inside of the cap is designed in such a way that stored photochemicals are properly sealed without the need for additional foam damping. Not only does this ensure exceptionally long bottle life without compromising sealing effectiveness, but it also prevents contamination of chemicals as long as the lids are cleaned and rinsed with water after each development session.

Jobo 3308 Graduated Cylinder (1x260ml)

A Jobo 3308 measuring cylinder of 260ml, with markings in 5ml increments for accurate liquid measurements.

Jobo 3350 Cascade Rapid Film Washer for Film Developing Tank

The Jobo Cascade Rapid Film Washer allows you to rinse your newly developed films efficiently and quickly with minimal water consumption. As water is becoming more and more a scarce commodity, this is an unmissable tool in every darkroom for those who want to develop sustainable films!

The Jobo Cascade can be attached to almost every water tap. The adapter fits on every Jobo film developing tank and in general on every plastic developing tank on the market such as those of Paterson or AP. As soon as the cascade is attached to the tank, a constant water circulation ensures that films are completely rinsed within 3 to 5 minutes without removing them from the tank. The water circulation is regulated by regulating the water supply via the water tap.

Vitlab Graduated Cylinder (1x20ml), Kaiser Film Clip Set (Stainless Steel) and Kaiser Developing Tank Thermometer

Last but not least, the kit also includes a 20ml Vitlab graduated cylinder, ideal for when using developers with high dilution ratios such as Rodinal. Two sets of stainless steel film clips from Kaiser for hanging your film to dry and a small thermometer that is also suitable for developing color film (measures up to 50 °C).


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