JOBO LAB Kit Large

JOBO LAB Kit Large

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The JOBO LAB Kit L allows you to develop 35mm film and rollfilm (120) inside the JOBO Tank 1540.

Capacity: 4 x 35mm Film / 4 x 120 Film

The only thing not included is chemistry and water. 

The big JOBO LAB Kit L includes 2 further wonderful additions to the LAB Kit M:

The JOBO Tank 1540 fits twice as many rolls of film as the Tank 1520. When used in rotation processing, the chemistry consumption remains the same as with the Tank 1520 in hand inversion (470 ml). Manual rotation processing is made possible with the elegant roller base included in this set. Your film processing could not be more efficient.

Four reels 1501 can be fitted inside the 1540 Tank. This means that four 35 mm films can be developed at the same time. When adjusted to 6cm width, the 1501 reel can hold two 120 films which makes development of four 120 films simultaneously possible. The red clip prevents the films from overlapping.

The cascade film washer allows for economical and efficient watering. Your black&white film reaches archival standard within just 5 minutes of watering.

The JOBO graduates allow for precise measurement of any liquid. The two scaled bottles allow ideal storage of developer and fixer chemistry. The precise thermometer makes sure that the chemistry has the ideal temperature for your needs (normally 20°).The convenient film clips make sure that your precious film hangs perfectly straight while drying. 

Kit includes:

  • 1 x JOBO Developing Tank 1540 (including two reels 1501)

  • 2 x JOBO Scaled bottle 600ml

  • 1 x JOBO Maatcylinder 260ml

  • 1 x JOBO Maatcylinder 20ml

  • 2 x JOBO Film Clip Set (including 2 film clips per set)

  • 1 x JOBO Color Thermometer

  • 1 x JOBO Cascade

  • 1 x JOBO Roller Base

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