Rodenstock Rogonar 50mm f/2.8 Enlarging Lens

Rodenstock Rogonar 50mm f/2.8 Enlarging Lens

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Maximum film format: 35mm.

The Rogonar forms a solid base for the “first steps” in the am- ateur’s home lab. This lens is already a standard feature of many low-price enlarging units. 

With 3 single elements, it has a relatively simple optical design. But when used for a smaller scale range of about 2× to 8× and at a working aperture of f/11, it still offers good results. 

The large aperture for a 3 element lens ensures simple and precise focusing and provides a bright image for composition and cropping of the picture. 

The Rogonar is available with the standard focal length of 50mm for 35mm film. It has a click-stop diaphragm and an illuminated f-number scale. 

  • Lens Speed: f/2.8

  • Focal Length: 50mm

  • Elements: 3

  • Illuminated Aperture Scale

  • Filter Thread: 30,5mm (M39×1/26")

  • Max. film format: 24x36mm

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1x Rodenstock Rogonar 50mm f/2.8 Enlarging Lens
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