Rodenstock Rodagon 105mm f/5.6 Enlarging Lens

Rodenstock Rodagon 105mm f/5.6 Enlarging Lens

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Maximum film format: 6x9 cm.

The Rodenstock Rodagon lenses, with brilliant reproduction over the whole scale range of conventional enlargers, has become the universal workhorse of both demanding amateurs and professionals in practical use. Furthermore, the models with focal lengths up to 135mm have proven to be excellent macro lenses for SLR cameras and to be high-resolution taking lenses for CCD cameras in combination with the Rodenstock focusing device Modular-Focus.

The 6 elements design guarantees the resolution of the finest details while maintaining a uniformly high contrast from the picture center to the edges. As the lens is nearly independent with regard to magnification scale, top quality is ensured from mini-prints right up to high enlargements. The recommended working aperture is reached by stopping down by only 2 stops from open aperture.

All Rodagon lenses are equipped with an illuminated f-stop display, a practical pre-set aperture und a click-stop diaphragm which can be switched to stepless control for focal lengths up to 135mm. The Rodagon 28mm is also available in a smaller barrel with a 32.5 mm thread mount, without pre-set aperture, without illumination of the f-stop scale and with a clickstop aperture ring that cannot be disabled.

  • Maximum film format: 6x9cm

  • Focal length: 105mm
  • Scale range: 2-10x

  • Smallest aperture: f/32

  • Largest aperture: f/5.6

  • Filter thread: M 40.5x0.5

  • Screw thread: M39x1/26"

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1x Rodenstock Rodagon 105mm f/5.6 Enlarging Lens
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