50,8x61 cm - VELVET - 10 SHEETS - FOMASPEED 313 Variant III View larger

50,8x61 cm - VELVET - 10 SHEETS - FOMASPEED 313 Variant III

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Remark: the VELVET finish of these FOMA papers are similar to the PEARL finish of the Ilford Multigrade papers.

FOMASPEED VARIANT III is a black-and-white, variable-contrast enlarging photographic paper on a resin-coated (RC) paper base. Its contrast can be varied in a large extent from extra soft up to ultra hard by using colour filters at exposure. FOMASPEED B&W papers offer excellent results in terms of contrast resolution in highlights and are easy to use in general.

FOMASPEED VARIANT III features a very rich half-tone scale over all contrast grades, a shining white paper base and saturated blacks. The paper is manufactured using silver chlorobromide emulsion that gives neutral-to-medium warm tone to the silver image. Developing agents incorporated into the emulsion layer facilitate rapid machine processing and shorter development times in manual processing from 60 to 90 seconds at 20 °C. Due to the resin-coated paper base and a thin emulsion layer, the time necessary for development, fixing, washing and drying is considerably shortened.

FOMASPEED VARIANT III is manufactured on an RC paper base in a glossy (311), matt (312) and velvet surface (313).



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Paper baseResin-Coated (RC)
Paper contrastVariabel
Paper size (cm)50,8 x 61 cm
Paper size (inch)20 x 24 inch
Number of sheets10
Weight190 g/m2
Paper toneNeutral
Darkroom LightRed

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50,8x61 cm - VELVET - 10 SHEETS - FOMASPEED 313 Variant III

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