40,6x50,8 cm (16x20 INCH) - GLOSSY - 10 SHEETS - Harman Direct Positive FB View larger

40,6x50,8 cm (16x20 INCH) - GLOSSY - 10 SHEETS - Harman Direct Positive FB

HARMAN DIRECT POSITIVE FB is a high quality, traditional silver gelatine black-and-white, high contrast photographic paper on a 255g/m2 fiber base which produces direct positive prints (mirror, inverted images) without a film negative. It is primarily suited for use in pinhole cameras where exposure and processing in conventional black-and-white photo chemistry achieves a unique positive print - without the need for a film negative or inter-negative.

HARMAN DIRECT POSITIVE FB paper can also be successfully used in other applications such as direct exposure in large format cameras (sheet sizes 4x5" up to 16x20") or by cutting small sheets for exposure in Lomography type cameras. 

Creative and unusual effects can be achieved with direct positive paper when used to make photograms or perhaps substituted for standard photo paper when printing from negatives in an enlarger. Whatever the application, this paper can achieve unique photo images as well as fun effects.

Most important features:

  • Genuine silver gelatine photo paper, coated on baryta base;

  • Direct positive paper enables prints to be generated without the need for a negative;

  • Fixed grade, high contrast paper (similar to ILFORD MULTIGRADE grade 31⁄2 - 4), but still capable of generating good tonal gradations when ‘pre-flashed’ during exposure stages;

  • Fully compatible with conventional black-and-white paper processing chemistry;

  • Available as a glossy surface (comparable to ILFORD MULTIGRADE IV FB paper);

  • Slow ISO speed (between ISO 1 - 3), enabling a good latitude of control;

  • Compatible with Ortho (deep red) safelights.

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ManufacturerIlford Photo
Film typeDirect Positive Paper
Film SensitivityISO 1-3
Paper baseFiber-Based (FB)
Paper contrastFixed
Paper size (cm)40,6 x 50,8 cm
Paper size (inch)16 x 20 inch
Number of sheets10
Weight255 g/m2
Paper toneNeutral
Darkroom LightRed

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40,6x50,8 cm (16x20 INCH) - GLOSSY - 10 SHEETS - Harman Direct Positive FB