NEW55 PN Black & White Instant Film for 4x5 INCH cameras

NEW55 PN B&W is a brilliant black and white, 4x5" instant positive-negative sheet film on a 6-mil polyester base for your 4x5" camera with 545 holder. It produces an instant, high quality negative and a positive print, featuring excellent DMax, DMin and smooth grayscale in the print. The same applies for the negative, ideal for scanning and enlarging. 

Each box contains 5 packs; each pack produces one 4x5 positive and one 4x5 negative that you further fix and wash.

  • Speed: ISO 50;

  • Processing time: 2 minutes;

  • Film type: panchromatic black & white on a 6-mil polyester base;

  • Release system: release tab & peel;

  • Generation 2, with production date code;

  • Expiration: 18 months from date code.

  • Works with Polaroid 545, 545i and 545 Pro holders

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NEW55 Film

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Package contents5 sheets of NEW55 PN B&W Instant Film
Film typeType 55
Size / Dimensions:4x5" (10.2x12.7cm)
Film Sensitivity50 ASA
Film compatible with4x5 INCH LF cameras with a Polaroid 545, 545i or 545 Pro houder
Develop Time2 minutes

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NEW55 PN Black & White Instant Film for 4x5 INCH cameras

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