24x30,5 cm - PEARL - 10 SHEETS - Multigrade V RC Deluxe View larger

24x30,5 cm - PEARL - 10 SHEETS - Multigrade V RC Deluxe

Multigrade V RC Deluxe is a series of black-and-white photographic papers from Ilford launched in 2019 as the successor to the Multigrade IV RC Deluxe photo papers that were launched 25 years ago. Multigrade RC Deluxe is the world's most popular range of black-and-white photo papers and is the perfect choice for both beginners and experienced analog photographers.

Just like the previous series, this photo paper is from top quality and offers a wide contrast range and a clear, neutral base tone. The paper displays gray tones from cool to neutral, whether viewed in daylight or in fluorescent light. In addition, this RC paper also responds well to different toners such as a selenium toner and can be a more affordable alternative for starters before learning the technique with fiber-based papers that are even more suitable for toning but also more expensive.

Multigrade V RC Deluxe photo paper is part of Ilford's Multigrade system and is therefore fully compatible with all existing Multigrade filters, chemicals,... from Ilford.

Like its predecessor, Multigrade V RC Deluxe photo paper has a standard weight of 190g/m2 with a resin-based coating. The main differences with the previous generation (Multigrade IV RC Deluxe) are:

  • The base tint of the paper has become slightly warmer;

  • The black tones have even more depth;

  • Improved mid-grade spacing results in a better reproduction of medium grey tones, so the transition between tones is more natural;

  • The sensometric curve of the paper has become smoother, making the contrast a lot more uniform across the entire tonal range.

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ManufacturerIlford Photo
Paper baseResin-Coated (RC)
Paper contrastVariabel
Paper size (cm)24 x 30,5 cm
Paper size (inch)9.5 x 12 inch
Number of sheets10
Weight190 g/m2
Paper toneNeutral
Darkroom LightRed/orange

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24x30,5 cm - PEARL - 10 SHEETS - Multigrade V RC Deluxe

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