Bergger Continuous Tone Print Film 4x5 INCH / 25 sheets

Bergger Continuous Tone Print Film 4x5 INCH / 25 sheets

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Bergger Print Film is a new technical black-and-white lab film (ISO 3) mainly dedicated to darkroom use. It allows you to make interpositives or internegatives with it which can have several uses: making copies of existing negatives for mass duplication, (same size) altering the image size for use with alternative processes or transparencies from negatives in different sizes then the original.

Print Film is a continuous tone film which means contrast can easily be controlled at each processing step. It is coated on a 175 microns PET base for easy handling. It is mainly sensitive to blue light and  almost insensitive past 500nm. As a result the film is perfectly usable with a traditional darkroom safelight. It features a yellow-tinted photosensitive emulsion which is very resistant to scratches. The anti-halation layer which is coated under the sensitive layers provides the highest resolution possible. The red-tinted backside of the film has anti-static properties for dust free results. Several layers will clarify during processing and the film becomes fully transparant after its washing and drying sequences.

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Product features

Package contents
1x Bergger Continuous Tone Print Film 4x5 INCH / 25 sheets
Film type
Black-and-white negative/positive
Size / Dimensions:
4x5 inch (10,2 x 12,7 cm)
Film Sensitivity
Kodak D-76

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