Adox Thio-Clear Eco Washaid pour Film et Papier - 500ml

Adox Thio-Clear Eco Washaid pour Film et Papier - 500ml

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Adox Thio-Clear ECO is a brand new washaid for black-and-white film and paper. It accelerates and ensures the proper elimination of sodium-ammonium thiosulfate based fixing solutions on the gelatine layer of your black-and-white films and prints. It allows you to drastically reduce washing times and as a result also water usage. When using the standard dilution of 1+19, washing times are reduced by approximately 50% after a two-minute treatment.

Thio-Clear ECO is completely free of hazardous substances. The working solution has a shelf life of about 8 weeks when used in combination with films or RC-based papers. When used with fiber-based papers the shelf life can be a little shorter. The specific composition and purpose of the product make it one of the many new photochemical products that also pay attention to the environment, which becomes more and more important for many analog photographers today.

Capacity: approximately 60 sqm of photographic paper per liter.

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