JOBO 3005 Expert Drum 5

JOBO 3005 Expert Drum 5

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There is no better way to process sheet film or prints than with the Jobo Expert Drum. This professional tank holds up to five sheet films or five paper sheets at the same time, with a maximum size of 20x25 cm / 8x10 inch each (including 4x5 inch and 5x7 inch sheet film).

Because of the magnificent tank design, development is even across all sheets, which leads to consistent and high-quality results. 

This is a unique product in the world of sheet film processing, and is considered by many to be the industry standard for film processing. Using expert drums also means using less chemicals - your process is more efficient and more environmentally friendly! 

Includes the special extra long 3008 cleaning sponge tool.

We recommend the JOBO 3360 Foot pump for opening Expert drums. This item is not included but can be bought separately.


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1 x Jobo 3005 Expert Drum, 1 x Cleaning Sponge Tool

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