Adox Scala 160 135-36

Adox Scala 160 135-36

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This B&W Slide Film has to be reversibly processed with a specific B&W reversal film developer like Fomapan-R. Standard film developers like Rodinal, T-MAX,... and color reversal developer E6 cannot be used!

Adox Scala is a B&W slide film, based on the original and legendary Agfa Scala which was discontinued years ago but is now revived by Adox. Scala's emulsion has been designed to be reversal processed so it is not a black-and-white negative film which can be reversal processed like Adox CMS 20 II.

Adox Scala is identical to the original, it features the authentic APX film emulsion, clear triacetate base and features an increased silver content (in comparison to a more standard B&W negative film) yielding a DMAX of 3,6 and higher (depending on the reversal process used). Optimal exposure shall be set at ISO 160. Scala has an anti-halation layer between the emulsion and the film base for optimal sharpness and detail contrast.

Samples: see here!

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Caractéristiques du produit

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1x Adox Scala 135-36
Type de film
Diapo Noir et Blanc
Format / taille
Film 35mm
Nombre de vues
36 poses
Sensibilité du film
ISO 160
Grain de film
Grain fin
Type de développement

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