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Rollei RPX 100 120

Rollei RPX 100 is a traditional medium-speed black and white negative film made by Harman (Ilford) for Rollei and therefore based on a Kentmere emulsion. Despite the fact that the origin of the emulsion isn't that spectacular, RPX 100 has surprised many black-and-white photographers with its broad tonal range, wide exposure latitude and typical grain.

Rollei RPX 100 can be developed in nearly every black-and-white developer in the market but shows its true character when developed in Agfa Rodinal or Kodak D-76.

RPX 100 is suitable for numerous applications including portrait and landscape photography, architecture and product photography.



€ 5,65 incl. btw


AantalNieuwe eenheidsprijs vanaf dit aantalU bespaart
10 € 5,35 € 3,00
Verpakking1x Rollei RPX 100 120
FilmtypeZwart-wit negatief
Formaat / grootte120
Aantal opnames per film6x4.5: 16 opnames; 6x6: 12 opnames; 6x7: 10 opnames
FilmgevoeligheidISO 100
OntwikkelingAgfa Rodinal, Kodak D-76, Ilford ID-11,...

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Rollei RPX 100 120