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    Pinhole camera's van onder andere Ilford/Harman voor pure fotografie gereduceerd tot de essentie.

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    • Ilford / Harman

      Pinhole camera's van Ilford / Harman voor professioneel en sporadisch gebruik in diverse uitvoeringen.

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    • Ilford 4x5" Pinhole Photography Kit bestaande uit:Harman TiTan 4x5" Pinhole Camera 72mm groothoek conus (verwisselbaar) BelichtingscalculatorBruikbaar met alle bekende 4x5" sheetfilmhouders van o.a. Fidelity, Toyo en Linhof. Now available as a single unit to replace the ILFORD...

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    • HARMAN TiTAN 8x10 inch Pinhole Camera designed in conjunction with, and manufactured in the UK by Walker Cameras. The camera is made from injection moulded ABS, finished with a very durable non-slip coating, making the camera exceptionally robust to withstand extreme natural elements, and rough...

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    • Ilford 4x5" Pinhole Photography Kit bestaande uit:Ilford Obscura Pinhole CameraIlford Delta 100 4x5" vlakfilm - 10 vellenIlford Multigrade IV RC 4x5" zwart-wit fotopapier - Parelglans - 20 vellenBelichtingscalculatorLichtdichte doos voor het bewaren van belichte...

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    • Lightweight camera manufactured in England exclusively for ILFORD PHOTO.  The camera is precision cut and formed from expanded PVC, and is made of two interlocking sections. The photographic medium is loaded into the bottom section in darkroom conditions, and then held in place by sliding in the...

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