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Launched in 2013, Film Washi is the world's smallest company to produce photographic materials and the last in France for film production. The are known for their handcoated films on japanese Kozo paper that gives the pictures a unique fiber texture inspired by pictorialism.

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  • Film "A" is an orthochromatic black & white film used as leader and protection during reproduction process of motion picture films. It is sensitised to record technical data and offer a very fine grain and very high contrast. The film is hand rolled in recycled cassettes and has no DX code. 

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  • Film "S" is a slightly orthochromatic film (up to 620 nm) used by motion picture professionals for sound recording. This film is charachterized by very fine grain and ultra high definition. This sharpness is guaranteed by a special anti­halation layer located between the film's base and the...

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  • Washi Film "D" is a panchromatic black & white film dedicated to aerial surveillance. Its unusually thin polyester base is however compatible with usual developping process. "D" gives also good results when process as black & white slide, and is therefore an interresting alternative to Agfa...

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  • Voor ontwikkeltijden kijk hier! THE LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHER COMPANION Film Z is a panchromatic negative near infrared (up to 750nm) sensitive black & white film. Originally designed for aerial photography, Film Z is a very good choice for landscapes, offering good separation of green shades and...

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    Deze film is gecoat op Japans Washi papier en vereist specifieke handelingen om tot een goed eindresultaat te komen. Bovendien zijn niet alle 35mm camera's compatibel met deze film! Wij raden ten zeerste aan om deze handleiding te lezen vooraleer aan de slag te gaan met deze film. Bij specifieke...

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