Adox CHS 100 II 135-36

Adox CHS 100 II 135-36

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Adox CHS 100 II is an orthopanchromatically sensitized black-and-white film with a classic grain structure and a optimized emulsion for optimal greyscale separation. The film is made from two separate emulsions which are coated onto a single layer which gives the film a very large exposure latitude.

The film emulsion of CHS 100 II is adjusted in such way that it prevents light from running straight onto the negative which results in more image detail, even if it has been partly overexposed or if the object contrast in the image was too high. In other words it prevents highlights from being "blown out". Due to its classic sensitization it also features a very harmonic tonal separation. Compared to more modern black-and-white films it features a better differentiation between lips/face, clouds/sky and water/land.

The film is coated onto clear archival PET base.

Adox CHS 100 II can be reversal processed if wanted.


1x Adox CHS 100 II 135-36
Zwart-wit Negatief
Formaat / grootte
35mm Film
ISO 100
Fijne korrel
Adox Adonal, Atomal, FX-39, Kodak D-76

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