Lomo Fantôme Kino B&W 8 135-36

Lomo Fantôme Kino B&W 8 135-36

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Effortlessly evoke the theatre in your everyday life with this 35mm show stopping black-and-white beauty.

Melodrama in Monochrome

Fantôme Kino B&W Film is perfect for pinhole, striking portraits and gritty street scene snaps. With low ISO and a small exposure latitude, this impactful black-and-white film navigates inter-tonal shifts with ease resulting in rich, low grain depictions with vibrant microcontrast. The Fantôme Kino B&W Film brings scenes to life, capturing life’s most evocative moments in show stopping black and white splendor.

A Director's Dream

This panchromatic is perfect for seasoned professionals and creative first time photographers alike. Particularly appropriate for those who like to take full manual control and experiment with flash photography, the Fantôme Kino B&W Film packs drama into the frame with crushed shadows and super high contrast renderings, reminiscent of Lomo's Film Noir classics.

Master your Low ISO Monochromes

This film has a slow speed of ISO 8, so Lomo recommends using a camera and lens with manual controls for better control over your exposures. You should be able to manually adjust the shutter speed of your camera and aperture of your lens. Using a fast lens (maximum aperture of at least f/1.4 - f/2.8), is also recommended. This evocative emulsion can be developed both in the lab or at home with the standard black-and-white process. Whether you are a dab hand in the darkroom or looking to boost your development skills, Lomo is here to help and have created a bespoke Fantôme Kino B&W Film Guide with everything you need to know including tips, tricks, filters and a development chart. Here is a quick overview on how your developer of choice will work with the Fantôme Kino film:

  • Kodak D-96 - This is Lomo's recommended developer for Fantôme Kino. Preserving the details in the highlights, but still maintaining the film's signature contrast look.

  • Kodak HC-110 - Kodak HC-110 is one of Lomo's favorite developers for developing monochrome film. The Fantôme Kino developed in HC-110 would result in punchy dramatic contrast that makes images "pop".

  • Ilford Ilfosol 3 - This developer produces fine grain and rendering good contrast and impressive shadow detail. Ilfosol is a viable option if you're looking to give your shots a softer and moodier atmosphere.

  • Compard R09 - A good Rodinal substitute, this developer ensures really fine grain preserving much detail and sharpness. This one is for the photographer who has a keen eye and an appreciation for the small things.



1x Lomo Fantôme Kino B&W 8 135-36
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Formaat / grootte
35mm Film
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36 opnames
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