Silberra PAN 160 135-36

Silberra PAN 160 135-36

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Silberra is a somewhat controversial analog photography brand from Russia. It was founded in 2017 and currently produces several new black-and-white negative films. Getting these films to Europe was an adventure on its own so only limited quantities are available for now.

Silberra PAN 160 is panchromatic black-and-white negative film with a nominal film speed of ISO 160. The film features a superfine grain, wide tonal range, perfect sharpness and a high contrast ratio.

The Silberra PAN films are based on an adapted version of an Agfa surveillance film. The dynamic range has been widened, contrast been lowered and several special features which are typical for the film stock haven been preserved including:

  • High resolution and sharpness;

  • Ability to provide a high level of detail through the whole tonal range;

  • Higher sensitivity in the near-IR light spectrum, which not only provides near IR-effects when shooting landscapes, but also offers more shadow detail even when shooting in circumstances with low light.

The emulsion of Silberra PAN 160 is nearly identical to Silberra ULTIMA 160, but features a thicker negative substrate which makes the film easier to handle during development. However, the ULTIMA films are a bit easier to scan and print due to their thinner substrate base. The emulsion of both films is coated upon a clear polyester base which offers ultimate material stability and perfect optical properties. The negative substrate has a thickness of 0.1mm and features anti-halation backing which leads to improved image sharpness. Silberra PAN 160 also has a special anti-curling layer which makes the film much easier to dry after development. The polyester base and additional (anti-static) protective layers protect the film against scratches and dust or dry spots.

Silberra PAN 160 can be rated at ISO 100, 160 or 250. Lowering the sensitivity below ISO will cause loss of reasonable contrast, while increasing the sensitivity above ISO 250 will significantly increase film grain. 

The Silberra PAN films are perfect for street photography, portrait photography, landscape and architectural photography. PAN 160 performs best when used under natural light. Silberra PAN 160 is able to provide excellent images in poor lightning conditions like cloudy weather, fog and at dusk. The final image will have perfect shadow details while also preserving the overall high resolution (210 lines/mm at 1000:1 TOC contrast). 

When using the film under artificial light it is recommended to do preliminary tests due to the high red sensitivity (near-IR light spectrum). Keep this in mind when using this film in for example a studio. Choosing the color temperature of artificial light sources and their power is vital to obtain predictably perfect results.

Processing times in Kodak D-76 (20 °C):






22 min



14 min



19 min

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1x Silberra PAN 160 135-36
Zwart-wit Negatief
Formaat / grootte
35mm Film
Aantal opnames per film
36 opnames
ISO 160
Fijne korrel
Push / pull
Kodak D-76

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